Not content to follow the masses, Raplas have always lead the market with innovative solutions to buy or rent and market leading performance – if you wish to know more just click below.

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production resin

The Raplas Production Resin machines feature a range of unique patented features developed by Raplas over many years. Performance available on these systems delivers production class manufacturing to business around the globe on an open platform

production Powder

Using industry leading techniques for the control and calibration of binders and powder layers, Raplas deliver a completely open solution for the application of binding agents into powder or granule materials. The system is available in a range of output sizes with a development platform available for material testing.

production metal

Providing a stable manufacturing platform, the Raplas solutions for the direct production of Metal end use parts give stable reliable performance. Coupled with the Raplas Integra + processing environment that comes with lifetime free updates, you can be confident the platform will give stable output for many years to come.

open additive manufacturing

From our first system, Raplas have been committed to providing our customers with open platforms. Many of us have seen the issues customers face from the closed mindset of our competitors. All Raplas systems are completely unlocked, with no ties to using resin, powders or any other materials from us or any other specific source.

Your business can use best in class materials from any manufacturer, no ties, no handcuffs, no threats, or even develop your own materials with our help and knowlege to guide you along the way   

We perform

Performance is in our DNA at Raplas. Our systems are built from the ground up to deliver unique capabilites to our customers. 

high productivity

The unique laser systems and controls we apply to our technology ensure the highest quality parts are produced in industry leading timeframes.

Always open

We believe that open systems is the best approach, fully in line with our customers needs. All of our systems are fully unlocked, for material, no Tags, no Chips! 

its all about the materials….

We are all about materials, from any source, whatever brand!

Make your own or buy off the shelf, thats entirely your choice.

Let us know your choice and we will make it work….


Exciting news with Henkel / Loctite 3D….

Raplas and Henkel are pleased to announce an agreement to jointly develop a range of Industrial Additive Manufacturing materials for the Raplas Production Resin machines to allow customers to run production ready materials.

This joint agreement gives the benefit of both parties extensive knowlege of industrial applications, materials and future technologies.

New materials offer outstanding mechanical properties for real world end use applications across a number of industries. The benefits from this development are being seen across a number of projects.

Henkel Loctite 3D Resin on a Raplas PR450 at Formnext 2019 displayed building live with Raplas Material Development Kit

how we work...

The simple answer is, we are here to make your technology work for you. Without the hassles and restrictions seen from other brands, we are just here to help, ensuring you meet your deadlines and keep your customers happy!

one platform – three technologies

Theres a common thread within our technologies, that is the unique Raplas Integra+ processing environment. Open and working with industry standards Integra+ can deliver results for years to come because we provide lifetime free updates!


binder jet printing

metal laser sintering

By purchasing a Raplas machine, you and your customers win in every area – higher quality, production level consistency, faster turnaround and lower running costs are just a few benefits that have helped to give us a great reputation in the marketplace. After the purchase of our first Raplas system, we have subsequently ordered multiple machines due to the real benefits parts from the machine have brought to us and our customers’ businesses in this competitive marketplace.


Tom Castermans

Founder, Tenco DDM

This machine fulfils the promise of scalling up from our high res Viper, giving us the flexibility to build high resolution parts next to low resolution in the same build, freeing capacity from the small machines and gives us the ability to scale production after prototyping a product



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